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  • The Church And State Summit includes Friday afternoon and evening, and Saturday morning and afternoon.
  • The Senders’ Dinner is Saturday evening, and requires an additional ticket.

Friday, 3 March 2023


They’re killing our kids with kindnessKirralie Smith
What does the Bible teach about the ‘transgender’ issue? Is it kind to affirm gender dysphoria? Is it just a ‘little, white lie’ necessary to spare a friend’s feelings? What is the authentic Christian response to gender confusion?

An Olympic injustice for girls and women – Deborah Acason née Lovely
Deb is a two-time Olympian and five-time Commonwealth Games medallist forced to compete against a man. The unfair and unsafe inclusion of ‘transgender’ athletes into the female (women’s and girls’) category has been happening over the last ten years. What is already happening, and how does government want to increase ‘transgender’ athletes participating in women’s and girls’ categories?

Contending for real human rightsJohn Steenhoff
Are Christian freedoms really under attack in Australia and the Western world? Why should we care and act, instead of simply suffering stoically? What can Christians do about it, if we should do anything?

The clash of kings in the classroom – Rob Norman
Christian values are being assaulted and called ‘evil’ by a wicked and perverse generation, and even the natural right to train our own children in our own values is being undermined and legislated against. Is it too late?

3:00pm – Afternoon Tea
All ticket prices include full catering.


The crucial importance of culture – Senator Malcolm Roberts
How important is culture? How do we shape culture? What culture do you want in Australia?

A Christian response to transhumanism Sandra Godde
Is transhumanism just a godless reach for immortality? Can science cheat death? What answers do globalists have for questions about the transcendant? And what does God have to say about all of this?

Q&A Panel Senator Malcolm Roberts, Kirralie Smith, John Steenhoff & Deborah Acason
Questions from the live and online audience regarding the afternoon’s topics.

5:30pm – Fellowship Dinner
All ticket prices include full catering.


WorshipDaniel May & band
We begin the Friday night Gospel Service with traditional songs rich in political teaching and worshiping Christ as King.

Government or God: Who will you serve?Topher Field
In an age where Christians have grown comfortable with the relative freedom and trustworthiness of governments since Federation, have too many of us started to confuse the ordained bounds of civil authorities with entities deserving devotion normally reserved for God Almighty?

Humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God – Dave Pellowe
It is an entirely uncontroversial claim that the quality of our democracy is increased or diminished proportionate with our faith. How can we bring our culture back to the popular affection we once had for Christianity which at least acknowledged God, and not a politician or parliament, is the highest authority in this great land?

The doctrine of imminencyPs Joshua Pellowe
If Messiah’s First Coming is the Good News, then His Second Coming is the Great News! The empty tomb guarantees the returning King. It is the power of the Gospel and the immovable hope of our message. The Apostles preached Calvary and Revelation as one message, and it framed their ministries after His ascension. How do we get back to right belief and practice of what Jesus said we should do while telling God’s full Gospel story and all that He is about to do?

WorshipDaniel May & band
The worship team and various speakers lead us in congregational prayer for Australia and exalting Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords with our voices together!

9.30ish – Day One Conclusion


Saturday, 4 March 2023


A civilisational moment – whether we like it or notJohn Anderson AC FTSE
What happens to a civilisation when it exhausts the fuel that powered its rise? Does it refuel itself, find an alternative fuel, or simply fade away? We need to understand how we became what we are, the vital fuels which propelled us thus far, and what the mess we are now in says about the societal alternatives being embraced in the West.

The right to civil disobedience – Prof Gabriël Moens AM
What are the requirements that have to be met to justify resistance of valid laws? Can we rely on higher principles such as morality and religious conscience to justify disobedience? Is Australia signatory to international covenants on civil and political rights which can anchor a right to civil disobedience? What are the theological foundations and historical examples of justified disobedience?

How to fix our broken democracy – Prof Augusto Zimmermann
The design and operation of our parliamentary system is not about distributing powers but concentrating them, which makes political accountability and protection of God-given rights extremely difficult to achieve. The Governor General has no real power to intervene in the political process on behalf of the Australian people. We need an urgent reform of our democracy as the political class has shown a willingness to violate fundamental rights and undermine even the most elementary principles of the rule of law.

PANEL: Political reformationJoel Jammal, with Prof Augusto Zimmermann and Prof Gabriel Moens
Further discussion and questions about the morning’s presentations

11:30am – Fellowship Lunch
All ticket prices include full catering.


Political activism for under 30s
If you are 16 to 30 years old, you can be involved in a political party and leverage your voice and vote. This youth-led session will start the afternoon session early, with fellowship over lunch continuing for everyone else until 1pm.

The spiritual battle for Western civilisation – George Christensen
Is politics a distraction from the Gospel? How does faith intersect with politics? ‘We wrestle not against flesh and blood’, so what are the battlefronts? What are the marching orders for the Church from our Lord?

On our watch: a crisis in curriculumAndrew McColl
Have the Church and Christian parents fulfilled our commission to raise our children in the way they should go? Have we misunderstood the sacred/secular dichotomy in outsourcing education to government-funded strangers? How are modern educational philosophies working out for this generation? Are there obvious remedies to be found in Scripture and Church history?

The prophetic Church in the culture war – Ps Todd Weatherly
We are in a spiritual, cultural war. A church in South Australia has been led by the Spirit of God into an interest in government. In Christ, nothing is too difficult and he mandates us to engage in the Great Commission in every way. What is happening prophetically and where are things going? 

Our culture is a self driving TeslaJames Macpherson
How do we navigate through a world where nothing is as it seems?

3:00pm – Afternoon Tea
All ticket prices include full catering.


Living in BabylonRev David Ould
What are the boundaries on our protest against government? Can we sometimes be guilty of conflating our personal politics with the Gospel? A biblical survey of the people of God’s relationship with the State.

The Babylonian Revolution: The Great Reset and the Future of Christianity – Dr Stephen Chavura
Since the Tower of Babel human beings have sought to replace God’s authority with their own, and science and technology – despite their great capacity for good – have been driving forces of this Babylonian Revolution. Dr Chavura will explore the latest incarnation of the Babylonian Revolution – the Great Reset and techno-globalism – by explaining its logic and goals, and why although it is a threat to democracy and civic virtue, it is no cause for especial despair for followers of Jesus. Indeed, every worldly crisis is a heavenly opportunity, and the Great Reset is no different.

PANEL: Major or Minor?Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, Senator Malcolm Roberts, Topher Field and Dave Pellowe
Fasten your seatbelts and grab the popcorn! The panel will discuss and debate whether we should join a major party or a minor party in the ambition of bringing salt and light to the public square and hope for better representation of Kingdom culture.

5:30pm -Summit Conclusion
The following event is a fundraising dinner for the Church And State ministry. Tickets are sold as an optional extra or in a bundle.


Join the Summit’s speakers for a grand dinner and help send this ministry further around Australia and 2023. As the auditorium is reconfigured to host just 100 dining guests, be entertained in the Atrium by Emma May, a successful participant in the 2018 season of The Voice. The first course of appetisers and drinks will be served here before you take your seats for entrees back in the main hall.

KEYNOTE: The road to hell is paved with good intentionsSenator Jacinta Price
There’s no doubt that the people who support changing the constitution to make special mention of first Australians mean well. Senator Price will take the time to carefully and passionately explain, for anyone who cares enough to listen & hear, not only how little good such gestures will achieve, but how much real harm they will utterly fail to address, if not exacerbate. This is a timely warning for Christians to obey Christ’s warning to look beneath the surface and judge all things with righteousness (John 7:24).

MUSIC – Collin Lillie
Jacinta’s husband, Colin Lillie, has a voice that immediately grabs your attention and makes you sit up. A Scottish singer/songwriter with a rich blend of Australian folk and rock vocals, he will enthrall Senders’ Dinner guests with his own stories of politics and culture between a full set of songs for the evening.

Please note the program details may change without notice as new speakers are confirmed in order to make sure the Summit is jam-packed full of useful content which can be practically applied in the real world, school, work or online.

Every year the Australian Church And State Summit maintains lowest possible ticket prices and higher quality experiences thanks in no small part to some generous sponsors as well as many generous donations from attendees who can afford to sow into this ministry. Thank you all.

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