Jacinta Price, Alex Antic & Sarah Game!

Church And State Adelaide is on again: Friday night and all day Saturday, 6 & 7 October 2023. This ministry has been arming Christians to influence culture since 2018 with first class speakers from around Australia and overseas.

This year’s unique conference will include special presentations from Senators Jacinta Nampijinpa Price & Alex Antic, Sarah Game MLC, Henry Olonga, Dr Stephen Chavura, Topher Field, Michelle Pearse, Ps Todd Weatherly, Christopher Brohier, Jack Snelling, Deepa Mathew and CAS founder Dave Pellowe, as well as times for Q&A and extended conversation over wonderfully catered breaks on Saturday.


” The Lord was amazed to see no one intervened…”


Many Scriptures like this in Isaiah 59:14-16 reveal the Church should not be apolitical (not interested or involved in politics). But what more does the Bible say about God’s people and politics, or the important public issues our communities are facing?

There is a pressing need for sound teaching on Biblical doctrines of government, church and family (specifically in relation to each other). Church And State is encouraging Christians in every electorate to carefully steward political influence as Jesus would in our place – without blind loyalty to any politician or party.

Event Details

  • When: 6-9:30pm Friday 6th, and 9am-5pm Saturday, 7th October 2023
  • Where: Maylands, Adelaide (details with tickets)
  • Catering: Saturday lunch and afternoon tea are included in some tickets. There is no catering for the Friday night session.
  • Further opportunity to help cover costs and support the ministry of Church And State at time of registering and during the conference will also be available.

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price is a vibrant contradiction of the racist idea that all members of an ethnic group must share the same political views. Jacinta has been working to practically bridge the gap between outcomes for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in the Northern Territory, especially in remote communities, for nearly two decades.

Jacinta was elected to the Federal Parliament as a Senator for the Northern Territory last year, and has taken the fight for children and families to the national stage. Her purpose is to fearlessly pull back the veil of approved opinions and ensure we take a cold, hard look at the difficult truth to find actually effective solutions to intractable problems.

Senator Alex Antic dares to ask the questions lesser men run from in his fearless pursuit of Truth and justice in government. Alex has a deserved reputation for common sense and courage while under fire from media hostile to cultural Christianity. Progressive blog Crikey once described Alex as a “boy culture warrior“. A federal senator representing South Australia since 2019, he was previously a commercial lawyer.

Sarah Game MLC is the first One Nation member of the Parliament of South Australia. Sarah has enjoyed career success as both a vet and a teacher in the United Kingdom, and after a decade there returned to Australia in 2016. Her political focus is on helping the most vulnerable in our community such as people suffering mental health issues, people facing homelessness, people in poverty, and people living with disabilities.

Henry Olonga will be well known to cricket tragics who may remember the 2003 Cricket World Cup. A pace bowler, he and team mate Andy Flower were forced to flee Zimbabwe after taking to the field with black armbands to protest the death of democracy in their beloved nation. In the “second innings” of Henry’s life in Australia, he has become well known again as a wonderful Opera singer, even making it to the “battle rounds” of the 2019 season of The Voice Australia.

Topher Field is a multi-award-winning documentary director and was one of Australia’s first independent journalists having started his YouTube channel back in the dark ages of 2009. By far his proudest professional achievements are the two criminal charges he was awarded by Victoria Police for his role in standing up for human rights during Premier Dan Andrews’ draconian Covid lockdowns, criminal charges he is still fighting to this day.

Dr Stephen Chavura is an audience favourite at many CAS events. He has (co)written three books and written many articles for The Australian and the Spectator Australia. He researches and teaches the history of Western civilisation and is Senior Lecturer in history at Campion College, Sydney – Australia’s first liberal arts college. Stephen holds a Ph.D. in the history of early-modern English political thought.

Michelle Pearse is the national leader of the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL), Australia’s most significant Christian voice into politics. Including more members than the combined major parties, ACL can help turn election outcomes in electorates where MPs don’t enjoy a comfortable popularity. After some years abroad since departing Australia, Michelle has been shocked to witness the rapid march of Leftism here in that time, and is determined to help lead a Christ-centred political reformation.

Ps Todd Weatherly is a church planter and pastor’s pastor, founding Field of Dreams Church in Adelaide with his wife Rachel. A brilliant communicator, he has never shied away from prophetically preaching Truth to power in the pulpit or in his many private opportunities throughout business and politics.

Christopher Brohier is the South Australia director of ACL, a barrister, and a founder of the Wilberforce Foundation, a think tank which advocates for the preservation of common law rights and freedoms. He successfully represented a street preacher against the City of Launceston in the Federal Court, and was counsel for Reverend Campbell Markham and the Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in the discrimination case they faced in Hobart.

Jack Snelling was a staffer in the SDA union before becoming the Labor member for the South Australian House of Assembly seat of Playford in 1997. In Government, Jack variously served S.A. as the Minister for Employment, Training and Further Education, Science, Information Economy, Veterans Affairs and Road Safety, as well as the Treasurer, and again as the Minister for Health, Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Minister for the Arts and Minister for Health Industries. He retired in 2018, and left the Labor Party in 2021 to re-found the Family First Party. [You can also watch this interview with Jack Snelling by Dave Pellowe from 2021.]

Deepa Mathew is the chairman of the South Australian Family First Party and has previously stood as a candidate in state elections. She is a small business owner and an experienced leader in the financial services sector. Deepa also currently lectures at University in MBA subjects including entrepreneurship, leadership, managing people and organisations and more.

Dave Pellowe founded Church And State Ministries in 2016 to help solve the teaching gap experienced by many Christians about the Biblical basis for intervening in injustice and faithfully stewarding political liberty. Dave produces and presents The Church And State Show weekly on The Good Sauce and ADH TV. Dave also convenes the annual Australian Church And State Summit in Brisbane and intervening conferences around Australia.


Friday night (6-9:30pm) is going to be a powerful opening to the conference with Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and Dave Pellowe teaching on their concerns about the impending referendum (just 1 week later)  on a constitutionally enshrined “Voice” to Parliament and the Government. Learn why Christians should properly judge any issue by looking beneath the surface and examining the fruit on display, as well as the recorded history and predicatable consequences of the Uluru Statement from the Heart if implemented “in full”.

Also on Friday night, former international One Day Cricket star and The Voice Australia opera singer, Henry Olonga, will share his story about being politically exiled from Zimbabwe after speaking out against the human rights abuses of the Mugabe regime.

The Australian Christian Lobby’s new national leader, Michelle Pearse, will speak about the dramatic advances of radical Leftism and how all Christians and other right thinking Australians can resist and retake the ground lost in recent decades.

Saturday (9am-5pm) includes lunch and afternoon tea catering, as well as a broader selection of S.A.’s and Australia’s most sought after Christian speakers and topic experts. Speakers include Senator Alex Antic, Sarah Game MLC (One Nation), Dr Stephen Chavura, Topher Field, Ps Todd Weatherly (Field of Dreams church), Christopher Brohier (ACL S.A.), Deepa Mathew and Jack Snelling.

This Church And State conference is made possible and more affordable than comparable conferences thanks to the generous donors who give a little or a lot extra when they buy their ticket, faithful monthly Senders, and especially these major sponsors. Please support them too!

NON partisan, full-service professional associations saving you HEAPS!
Church And State's broadcast partner, ADH, is the new home for common-sense commentary in Australia
Vision is Church And State's Christian media partner
Vision is Church And State's Christian media partner
Church And State's broadcast partner, ADH, is the new home for common-sense commentary in Australia
NON partisan, full-service professional associations saving you HEAPS!
NON partisan, full-service professional associations saving you HEAPS!

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