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Friday, 22 February 2019

The Friday afternoon sessions are specifically prepared for those in Christian leadership, & open to all.

12:30pm – What You Need To Know About Religious Freedom Now – Martyn Iles
Basic freedoms we have long taken for granted due to the Christian foundation of our nation are shamelessly being attacked. Will the mysterious Ruddock Review result in further erosion of religious freedom, or if it results in now needed protections, what will that look like and could they then be weaponised against Christianity anyway?

1:15pm – A Wake Up Call for the Church: Jesus Is Interested in Politics – Ps Mark Powell
There’s a world of difference between promoting a particular political party, and promoting Biblical understanding of political issues. In avoiding politics, Christianity has often forgotten its historic mission to speak fearlessly & insistently in terms of truth, justice & peace. There is, however, a wise balance to be struck in our congregations.

2:00pm – coffee/tea break

2:15pm – The Church’s Response to Liberalising Abortion – Rev Dr Mark Robinson MP & Dr Christian Rowan MP
The world’s worst abortion laws now exist in Qld & other Australian states. What can churches practically do to protect the women & unborn children primarily harmed by these laws? How do we coordinate & unify our diverse ideas & people in an authentic love response to manifest injustice? What can we realistically expect the next government to practically do?

3:00pm – Wise as Serpents, Innocent as Doves – Rev Dr Mark Robinson MP, Dr Christian Rowan MP, Ps Mark Powell, Teeshan Johnson, Lyle Shelton  & Dave Pellowe
An expert panel for an interactive Q&A session specifically dealing with how to respond to Qld’s recent abortion & planned euthanasia laws. Also deals with questions many pastors have about how to promote Christian values in politics and government, and how to properly equip Christians to do the same without politicising their congregation.

4:00pm – Prayer for our leaders and nation
The single most potent weapon at our disposal is our authority as believers in Jesus Christ. Let’s agree in His Name for our leaders to have wisdom, justice, integrity & effectiveness in governing the affairs of our nation, and that we His people may be good stewards of the gifts of an inclusive, liberal democracy such as we still enjoy.

5:00pm – dinner break
To help keep the ticket price low, catered dinner is an optional extra. You are welcome to BYO or purchase from one of the many nearby shops and restaurants. More information on what the locals recommend can be found here.

The Main Event

7:00pm – The War for the Heart of Our Nation – Dave Pellowe
As the organiser of a recent political speaking tour, Dave witnessed first hand on Australian streets scenes that better belonged in war zones like Baghdad or Berkeley. There is a rising tide of anti Christian authoritarianism posing as something noble which should be embraced, but rapidly threatening the liberty, peace and justice of our 25 million neighbours.

7:20pm – The Influence of Media on Government – Miranda Devine
A high profile Christian & conservative columnist & writer for the Daily Telegraph & previously The Sydney Morning Herald & Sun Herald, Miranda fearlessly & publicly swims against the current. In an age of increasing distrust of the mainstream media and “fake news”, how should we understand the media and even balance any undue influence it has in politics?

7:50pm – Freedom of Religion or Freedom from Religion? – Senator Amanda Stoker
The phrase “Separation of Church & State” appears nowhere in any law or constitution in Australia, America or England, yet is commonly mistaken to be a precaution against religious influence in politics or public debate. In language easily understood by teenagers and tradies Senator Stoker answers the questions, “Are we a secular nation?” and “Are we meant to be free from religion?”

8:20pm – Media, Government & Church – Miranda Devine, Sen Amanda Stoker, Ps Mark Powell, Dave Pellowe
Panel Discussion / Q&A covering the topics of the day plus occasional, random questions from the audience.

9:30pm – Friday end

Saturday, 23 February 2019

All Saturday sessions include time for Q&A

9:00am – The Australian Battle for Freedom of Religion – Martyn Iles
In the wake of the undefintion of marriage, the next major battlefront for Christianity is the war against religious freedom. With extensive hands-on experience and inside knowledge of the Commonwealth’s Parliament House, ACL Director Martyn Iles will illuminate both the seriousness of and the solutions to the persecution we increasingly face.

9:45am – Cultural Marxism: Reality or Rhetoric – Dr Stephen Chavura
The feminarchy, intersectionality, cultural relativism, a galaxy of phobias & authoritarian thought police: is there a clear line between classical Marxism and the war against Christian culture, or is it just a right-wing conspiracy to justify hate?

10:30am – Morning Tea
A selection of finger food with water, tea & coffee

11:00am – Safe Schools: Guerrilla Grooming* – Marijke Rancie (a.k.a Political Posting Mumma)
Posing as an anti-bullying curriculum while laden with highly sexualised gender theory, “Safe Schools” resources are brazenly indoctrinating LGBTIQAX+ ideology without parental consent. Its persistent presence is constantly being denied & hidden, then withdrawn, then repackaged for use in public & private schools. Get the history and latest developments in this battle for parental rights & children’s innocence.

11:45am – Banning Gay Therapy, Banning Gay Liberty* – Dr David van Gend, G.P.
There is something sick in the body politic when rigidly ideological politicians strive to prevent individuals seeking their own well being. This is a plea to keep political agendas out of the path of such individuals, to not ban their liberty by banning safe, effective, professional therapy all for the sake of enforcing this intolerant gay orthodoxy.

12:30pm – Lunch Break
To help keep the ticket price low, catered lunch is an optional extra. You are welcome to BYO or purchase from one of the many nearby shops and restaurants. More information on what the locals recommend can be found here.

1:30pm – Popular Heresies Hijacking Jesus – James Fox Higgins
Keyboard warriors and amateur theologians frequently invoke Jesus and the Bible to support their personal positions. As a former atheist who found Jesus through political debate, James has heard (if not used) them all. Is Jesus a socialist? Is the Bible sexist? Did God command genocide? What others can you think of?

2:15pm – What They’re Not Teaching Lawyers & Judges Anymore – But Should Be – Prof Augusto Zimmermann
The foundations of our entire legal system were constructed by people who reverently believed that law was an eternal creation of God to be discovered by men, not created by men. What then has gone wrong with legislators violating natural law and judges generally interpreting laws to suit their privately held political agendas justified only by their authority to do so?

3:00pm – Afternoon Tea
A selection of finger food with water, tea & coffee

3:30pm – How to Make the Biggest Impact with the Least Effort – George Christensen, MP
In a pluralistic, inclusive democracy like Australia, Christians are just as entitled to representation as any other constituency with shared values and concerns. But how do we take our individual voices as voters and be good & faithful stewards of this gift we’ve been given? What doesn’t work, what does work, what works best?

4:00pm – Q&A – Unity Does Not Require Uniformity
A full stage of speakers from the Summit debate the issues raised including questions from the audience.

5:00pm – summit conclusion

*The sessions between morning tea & lunch may contain visual & verbal content not suitable for young eyes & ears. Parental discretion is advised for children under 15.

Please note the program details may change without notice as new speakers are confirmed in order to make sure the Summit is jam-packed full of useful content which can be practically applied in the real world, school, work or online.

Bindi Cole Chocka
Senator Eric Abetz
Dr Michael Brown
Prof Margaret Somerville
Dave Hodgson
Dr Alex Deagon
Prof Paul Moon
Ian Shelton
Rev Dr Mark Robinson MP
James Macpherson

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