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Dave Pellowe is the host of the online talk show “Church And State with Dave Pellowe”. His experience includes being a successful campaign director for a major party at a state election, managing campaign communications for a minor party in multiple states at a federal election and serving on their board.

Now independent of any party, he’s interviewed prominent thought leaders like Federal Senators and Members of Parliament, Members of State and Federal Parliaments, well known lobbyists and ethicists, business and church leaders, and media personalities – all with diverse worldviews about the issues that affect and shape our society.

These are the conversations that involve all of us.

So why invite Dave to speak at your church or meeting?

Well, what Dave Pellowe will never do is advocate any particular political party or candidate from your pulpit.

Instead, Dave encourages believers to view issues through the lens of Scripture, God’s Word. Our involvement in social policy discussions can then be informed by right thinking, and not partisan loyalties.

With heavy reliance on Scripture Dave teaches that our opportunity and imperative as Christians is to lovingly and graciously influence our world for ideas and initiatives that will truly love our neighbours – policies that will help and not harm our nation. The Bible calls this simple declaration of beneficial truths the prophetic voice of the Church to society.

There is an increasing interest and desire to be better informed and better able to understand and even discuss issues in a way that anybody can relate to. In this age, people are getting most of that information from the internet and their TVs.

Everyone from 15 to over 50 in your church will be taught a Biblical framework for weighing political issues and some simple tools to help them grow in their personal comfort to shine their light in the dark.


Do your teenagers feel challenged or comfortable with Biblical teaching on marriage? Can they explain it simply and credibly to their friends who may not respect Scriptural authority? Everyone should be able to simply explain the benefits of doing life God’s way.

Dave Pellowe takes the complicated and nuanced and makes it accessible for everyone, regardless of age or knowledge, so they can understand why Jesus makes good policy for everyone – and in turn to explain it easily to others when (not if) the topic comes up.

The Church has a mandate to speak Truth in every age. Withholding it actually hurts our neighbours and is not loving. There are so many ways this can be taught with deep grounding in Scripture. The following are some of Dave Pellowe’s favourite messages to share in 3 to 30 minutes:

  • The Lens of Scripture – Too many Christians are viewing issues myopically through the lens of personal experience, feelings and circumstance. These instead should be interpreted and viewed through the reliable Word of God.
  • Nehemiah Is Our Role Model – Nehemiah had a heart for his people, and when he saw their vulnerable condition he resolved to do something about it, prayerfully and practically. There are many beautiful facets of truth to be extracted and applied to the believers’ role in the life of our nation today.
  • The Good Samaritan – When Jesus illustrated the second greatest commandment he gave this illustration. Loving our neighbour means inserting ourselves practically into the solution they need with what we have at our disposal. Time, money, effort and taking a long term interest are all aspects of how Jesus showed we can make a real difference.
  • Bright Light & Tasty Salt – Jesus spoke fairly plainly about the fact of our silence serving no one, and boldly calls us to stand out noticeably and add a good flavour to the world around us.
  • The Anointing of John The Baptist – John declared the soon coming King, he called people to repentance, and he fearlessly spoke Truth & justice to social leaders. The same anointing is on the Church today.
  • Divorcing Jesus – ‘Progressive’ Christians may choose to find reasons why God’s Word no longer means what it originally meant. But Jesus’ faithfulness to us, His Bride, means we can be fully committed to the eternal relevance of His Word.
  • Righteous Vs Self Righteous – It’s not self righteous to declare God’s Truth. It is self righteous to believe in “your truth”. Unpack the basics of post-modernism and relativism, and identify how many people hear and process the exclusive nature of objective Truth.
  • Jesus Was Always Good But Was He Always Nice – Many Christians understandably want everyone to like them, often resulting in them trying to avoid communicating difficult Truth and reduce the stumbling block of the Gospel.

How To Successfully Discuss Political Issues

In this very practical message tailored for youth groups and high schools, Dave explains the key elements to defusing difficult conversations – even on social media – to have a effective and positive influence in just a few steps:

  1. Assume good motives.
  2. Ask good questions.
  3. Keep your cool.
  4. Carefully explain your perspective.

Practical Application

Using the above framework Dave Pellowe will explain various issues from a traditional Biblical perspective in a way that makes sense even to people who reject Scriptural authority. You can specify as few or as many of these as you like when you invite Dave to your event or meeting.

  • Separation of Church and State
  • How Would Jesus Vote
  • Cultural Marxism / Critical Theory
  • Marriage Is Unique & Has No Equal
  • Abortion Harms Children & Women
  • Euthanasia & Suicide
  • Safe Schools / Gender Theory
  • Socialism v Capitalism
  • Islamic Ideology
  • Freedom of Religion / Speech / Political Expression

If there’s something else you’d like addressed not on this list, just ask!


People have questions. We know the Source of objective Truth. Each session is made better by including a time for questions from the floor (via mic, SMS or online) for some genuine, organic discussions on the issues that people really want to know more about. These are best suited to a special mid week meeting rather than a Sunday morning.


There is no cost to have Dave Pellowe speak at your event, but assistance with any travel expenses is appreciated.

Dave Pellowe is available to speak at community and political groups, churches, youth and young adults groups, high schools and universities, Bible colleges and Christian conferences etc. If you’d like to invite Dave to speak at your event or service, please email admin@ChurchAndState.com.au.

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