Get ready for the Australian Capital Territory elections in October with special guest speakers from Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland!

The Church And State conference is coming to Canberra, Friday night and Saturday afternoon and night, 30 & 31 August 2024!

Church And State conferences have been happening in Brisbane since 2018. Due to a growing hunger for Biblical teaching on what God says about the important public issues being contested in politics and culture, CAS conferences are also now being held in Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and other regional centres around Australia.

In His goodness God is now wonderfully opening the doors for the first CAS Canberra conference, just in time for the next A.C.T. polling day on October 19!

What does God say about the relationship between Christians & politics, and how can we as believers can practically be salt which flavours & light which shines in the public square?

So give your servant a discerning mind so he can make judicial decisions for your people and distinguish right from wrong. Otherwise no one is able to make judicial decisions for this great nation of yours.”

Democracy means “rule of the people”. Like Solomon’s prayer above from 1 Kings 3:9, we should ask God to help us understand right from wrong and make political decisions.

Register now for an encouraging, eye-opening weekend of Biblical teaching and wisdom on the issues concerning Christians in coming state and federal elections.

So what authority or wisdom does the Bible offer about how we should live and His will for the important public issues our communities are facing?

Church And State is encouraging Christians in every electorate to faithfully steward political freedom as Jesus would in our place – without blind loyalty to any politician or party.

Motivated by a sincere love for our 26 million neighbours (Australia) and God’s concern for justice in the land, this ministry is encouraging Christians to use God’s Word to guide their votes & political engagement, instead of the TV, internet or partisan agendas.


Church And State Canberra

This unique conference includes special presentations from high calibre speakers, clarion preaching of the Good News for modern Australia, extended fellowship & conversation time over afternoon tea and dinner, as well as an exciting Panel with frank discussions and questions from the audience.

This conference will not be livestreamed, but will be video recorded and form part of future episodes of The Church And State Show with Dave Pellowe.


Conference Details

  • When: 6pm-8:30ish Friday, 30 August & 1:30pm-9ish Saturday, 31st August 2024
  • Where: Vision Church, Fyshwick
  • Catering: An optional extra ticket, Saturday afternoon tea and dinner will be offered to attendees.
  • You can make an optional donation when you register by editing the suggested amount, or just change it to zero. You can also donate at any time here to help cover costs & grow this ministry around Australia & the internet.

The Senders’ Brunch

This exclusive brunch is a fundraising event for the continuing ministry of Church And State. Guests will enjoy a private, sumptuous breakfast with most of the CAS Canberra speakers. A fun aspect is that the speakers at your table may change tables to make room others, allowing everyone to get to know (or pick the brains of) more of them!

A special feature of this bonus event is there are no recordings and everything is strictly off the record! Whether it’s a special guest speaker or a probing interview, dinner guests will be enthralled with the light programming as well as their table companions throughout the evening.

On arrival, guests will have a small granola bowl at their place setting – in the middle of the table: danishes and pastries, a selection of cold meats & small fruit platter. Then for main breakfast: bacon, eggs, smoked salmon, tomato, mushroom, spinach, hashbrown and toasted sourdough. Barista coffee, tea, mimosas and juice served throughout.

Tickets are strictly limited, and priced at only $197* (previously $300). Existing and new Senders are entitled to a 25% discount on brunch and conference tickets. Become a Sender today!

Senders’ Brunch Details 

  • When: 9am-11am Saturday, 31st August 2024
  • Where: Griffith, Canberra (precise address is sent with your ticket confirmation email).

This Church And State conference is made possible and more affordable than comparable conferences thanks to the generous donors who give a little or a lot extra when they buy their ticket, faithful monthly Senders, and especially these major sponsors. Please support them too!

NON partisan, full-service professional associations saving you HEAPS!
Vision is Church And State's Christian media partner

Video Recordings from this CAS conference

Every speaker and panel segment will be professionally recorded and edited for later broadcast on The Church And State Show with Dave Pellowe, produced and published on The Good Sauce. You can already watch episodes from recent conferences there now.

    Special Fundraising Project:
    New video cameras

    In January 2017 we began making interview and commentary videos. In 2018 we began convening Christian and conservative political conferences and broadcasting the videos of the high calibre speakers. In 2024 and as we grow to serve cities around this continent and support other deserving events you want to watch, it’s time to upgrade the equipment to renew a high standard of professional, portable equipment. Your generous gift today will help us meet this goal.

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