Church And State Summit 2020

Recorded February 28-29, 2020, BRISBANE Qld
PLUS unique sessions from tour conferences in Auckland, Melbourne & Sydney!

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The third annual Church And State Summit was a gathering of over 20 world class speakers including Dr Michael L. Brown, David Hodgson & Prof Margaret Somerville teaching and inspiring everyday Christians to influence their world for Christ, seeking the Kingdom of God first, and intervening in injustice.

There’s a lost & hurting world that needs God’s Kingdom come now. If you are (or want to be) motivated and inspired to be a part of the moral, cultural & spiritual revolution your nation needs, then whatever your age or experience, DON’T MISS THIS EVENT!

Thanks for investing in the Church And State Summit 2020. These videos are produced to bring the sessions to those who couldn’t make it &/or for those who did attend and want to relive due to the depth & breadth of information presented. Further sales also help the considerable cost of organising the next one.

You can watch the videos here on this page as they are or in full screen, and you can click on the “download” link beneath each one so you can put them on any device, USB or disc for your future, personal enjoyment.

Please encourage others to buy their own copy or maybe you can host a Church And State conference in your town or city. Please don’t tell anyone your password to these videos. Please don’t share them on the internet or other way. It’s the honesty system, so thanks for your help with this.

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I liked hearing practical information to equip Christians to keep being salt and light in a changing world.

I like that you are informing the Church about issues that many are ignorant about.

I loved the fact that so many excellent speakers were gathered together in the one place to listen to. Exceptional value!

There was an excellent line up of speakers, producing content which was easily understood. Every session was full of useful info for everyday people.

I loved the fact that the speakers were of such high quality and experts in their field and I felt privileged to be able to gain information from them.

Variety of good speakers who knew their subject matter. Awakening the Church to get involved in changing society for the good. The number was good but many more people need to hear what’s happening and take up the challenge to fight for what is right and against what is wrong.

Quality of speakers was consistently extremely high. Content was very succinct (no waffling). Pathway to implementations were presented (not just theoretical).

Please help us cover the costs of the Summit and preparing for the next one simply by following the honour system. Your purchase of a ticket to attend in person or via these videos includes the right to watch these videos with as many people as you want in your home. Your purchase of these videos specifically excludes the right to duplicate or upload the files to the internet in whole or in part or to otherwise share your exclusive access to them with a church, conference etc or someone not in the same room as you at the time of watching.

Please share with a wider audience by encouraging everyone to buy their own copy or hosting a Church And State conference in your town or city.


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Bindi Cole Chocka
Senator Eric Abetz
Dr Michael Brown
Prof Margaret Somerville
Dave Hodgson
Dr Alex Deagon
Prof Paul Moon
Ian Shelton
Rev Dr Mark Robinson MP
James Macpherson

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