Church And State Summit 2021

February 26-27, 2021, BRISBANE Qld

Christianity is true.

Alone amongst all possible worldviews, Christianity offers a coherent explanation of all the available evidence to answer essential questions of how & why the Universe & humanity began, & how we can even know anything is objectively true.

Christianity is good.

In the cold light of the historical failures and triumphs of various ideologies and “isms”, Christianity stands head and shoulders above all alternatives as the ideal foundation for building a society marked by peace, liberty, justice and human flourishing.

The 4th annual Church And State Summit

The Church And State Summit 2021 is going to increase yet again in quality of content and impact on Christians seeking God’s Kingdom first in Australia.

It’s never too early to save your seat and take advantage of early tickets. As a bonus, your investment will not only save you money but will in turn be invested into making sure the Summit has the biggest reach and impact possible.

Get 20% off the full Summit by booking Earlybird tickets before they sell out!

I liked hearing practical information to equip Christians to keep being salt and light in a changing world.

I like that you are informing the Church about issues that many are ignorant about.

I loved the fact that so many excellent speakers were gathered together in the one place to listen to. Exceptional value!

There was an excellent line up of speakers, producing content which was easily understood. Every session was full of useful info for everyday people.

I loved the fact that the speakers were of such high quality and experts in their field and I felt privileged to be able to gain information from them.

Variety of good speakers who knew their subject matter. Awakening the Church to get involved in changing society for the good. The number was good but many more people need to hear what’s happening and take up the challenge to fight for what is right and against what is wrong.

Quality of speakers was consistently extremely high. Content was very succinct (no waffling). Pathway to implementations were presented (not just theoretical).


General Information

  • Tickets will be available at the door if not sold out prior.
  • Evidence of concession eligibility will be required with your digital or printed ticket at the door.
  • Optional opportunities to sow further into the mission of the Church And State Summit will be provided during some sessions and are entirely voluntary. EFTPOS available.
  • There is no child minding.
  • Recordings of the Summit are not included in registration but are available for those who can’t make it and as an optional extra. The one ‘video ticket’ includes all video & audio recordings.
Bindi Cole Chocka
Senator Eric Abetz
Dr Michael Brown
Prof Margaret Somerville
Dave Hodgson
Dr Alex Deagon
Prof Paul Moon
Ian Shelton
Rev Dr Mark Robinson MP
James Macpherson

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