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“So many wonderful speakers with great teaching, wisdom and words of encouragement. The prayer and worship was so revitalising and of great comfort during these difficult times.”


“It was my first time attending a conference such as this and it was well beyond my expectations. Encouraging, enlightening, educational – the speakers were incredible. Thank you so much. I can’t wait for the next one.”


I joined the livestream & had the most wonderful day listening to your inspiring speakers. This was the first time I had heard of or attended a Church and State conference and I loved it. I hope to buy a copy to own.


“I was there, an experience I will never forget. The angels were worshipping with us. Speakers were excellent, awake to all that is happening in our nation. Jesus was glorified throughout the whole day and evening.”


My family thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the insights and expertise of every speaker.  It was such a feast for our souls and a truly blessed way to spend a Saturday.  We hope to get along in person next time.


The fifth annual Australian Church And State Summit

was a gathering of Bible-believing Christians to discover and declare that the Kingdom of God is where the greatest opportunity for blessing and flourishing is found.

We may have come from various denominations and politics, but we were joyfully unified by the Lordship of Jesus Christ and our fierce love for our neighbours and nation.

We gather each year in a place of worship to exalt and magnify our Sovereign God and to preach His Gospel to our nation, especially those suffering and hard pressed. Good news! His Kingdom is healing for the brokenhearted, liberty to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, and setting at liberty those who are oppressed.

This Christian political event is rapidly becoming well known by past attendees as a unique opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best Christian thinkers & ministers. The principles and wisdom of the Kingdom of God are not only the foundation of our nation’s past success, but integral to any kind of ambition for justice and morality in our common future.

Vast swathes of people who once looked to government are stumbling and without hope. They need a Good Shepherd. They need the hope and peace that only the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Lordship can offer, and only the Church can preach it and bring it to their world.

In this, their hour of desperation, they need REVIVAL!

Learn more about your vital role as a Christian in modern Australian society, how that society is changing and can yet be changed for the better with the best possible politics: God’s.

Christian Right or Christian Left – the Church and State Summit provides a safe and respectful, bipartisan space for people who follow Jesus to informed by brilliant international and local guest speakers on the latest issues impacting our faith through culture and politics.

As a former Labor Minister in the Queensland State Government I am not always in full policy agreement with every participant. However through attending the annual Summit I am better informed and strengthened in articulating my Christian values in a post-modern Australia.

The Summit uniquely provides an open and balanced forum for rigorous discusson and relationship building on how to live as a disciple of Jesus in these new days.

Be informed, be involved, make a difference – join the Church And State Summit experience.

Margaret Keech

Former Minister for Tourism, Fair Trading & Women (Beattie); Child Safety and Women (Bligh), 2001-2012

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