Senator Cory Bernardi is the founder and leader of Australia’s newest and fastest growing political party, the Australian Conservatives. First elected in 2006, he’s long been regarded by mainstream media and major parties as a “maverick” because of his outspoken conservative views on society. His resistance to populism and political-correctness led him to leave the Liberal Party he’d loyally served for decades and launch out alone to put his convictions to the test.

WATCH the full interview with Senator Cory Bernardi and Dave Pellowe below.

In an age where many words have different definitions depending on who’s using them, what does “conservative” mean to Cory Bernardi? Is it a narrow appeal, or is there enough common sense in conservatism for everyone?

Cory Bernardi also offers insights into the culture and character of the Liberal Party, and how conservatives can consider their strategic usefulness within it.

If Australian Conservatives wasn’t brand new and was able to have just formed government, what would a hypothetical Prime Minister Cory Bernardi’s vision for Australia be?

We discuss his views on climate change, coal mining and electricity generation, freedom of speech, the Human Rights Commission and various tribunals, the ABC & SBS, income tax and the federal budget, competing with parties prepared to buying votes, and balancing Australian culture with immigration.

As acknowledged in our Constitution’s preamble, what place does Cory Bernardi see “Almighty God” having in the conversation around Australian politics? What place do the various worldviews held by citizens have in public discussions?

The Islamic ideology is different from those adhering to it to varying levels. So how can Australia keep the substance of Islam, sharia law, out of Australian culture, without diminishing the religious liberty of Muslims?

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