If you’re not interested in politics, you’ll LOVE the Church And State Conference!

Nonpartisan (no party politics), nondenominational and completely Christian teaching about the Scriptural basis for being salt & light in the public square, as well as expert training in the issues our people are dealing with every day of the week in offices, work sites and campuses.

The most common feedback we get after a Church And State event is, “Wow, if I had’ve known it was going to be like this, I would’ve invited more people!

The vision of Church And State is to raise up Christians in every electorate to intentionally influence culture as Jesus would in our place – without blind loyalty to any politician or party, but guided by a firm foundation on God’s Word.

Motivated by a sincere love for our 25 million neighbours (Aussies) and God’s concern for justice in the land, Church And State Ministries is encouraging Christians to use God’s Word to guide their voice, votes & other political engagement, instead of the mainstream media, political parties or politicians.

Churches in large cities and small towns around Australia are hosting these 5 star events with ease. Held in Logan, Qld, on the last weekend of February each year since 2018, the Church And State Summit has built a reputation for world-class speakers and training which has seen attendance rapidly grow by 50% every year. 

Innovation, Excellence & Flexibility

Would you like to host a Church And State Conference in your city or town? You can now bring the same high quality sessions of the annual Church And State Summit to your local area as a short forum or conference designed to suit your church & town. We will provide your choice of many videoed sessions from this year’s Summit, the Church And State reputation and branding, a dedicated website page, customised ticketing & check-in app, graphic design for digital media, conference booklets and lanyards & can even arrange printing.

Hosting churches only need to provide a charismatic MC, a venue & catering suitable to the expected event length and size, excellent worship team, enthusiastic volunteers and promote the event locally as a five star conference not to be missed by anyone who loves God’s Word and their neighbours.

There is no fee involved for Church And State events beyond any live speakers’ travel, accommodation & meal costs.

Your Own Event

Dave Pellowe would be delighted to speak at any other type of event you are organising, and can even bring some of the video speakers that are not otherwise available for public viewing without a fee. He is also available for preaching in Sunday services.

Would you like to host a Church And State Conference or invite a speaker?

Send us a message with your details including town/city and possible dates you have in mind, and we will call you ASAP to discuss possibilities and answer the many questions you will have.

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