Mark Latham is a political commentator known for saying what he’s thinking – without the political correctness filter which besets so many media elites. He was the leader of the Australian Labor Party at the 2004 federal election, and the youngest leader of the party for over a century. After defeat at that election he resigned from politics and wrote a memoir despairing at politics in Australia.

Mark Latham is now the host of (another) brilliant alternative media video talk show called Mark Latham’s Outsiders, which has recently partnered with Rebel Media.

WATCH the full interview with Mark Latham and Dave Pellowe recorded in front of a live audience at Southport Golf Club including an extended Q&A below.

The nature of politics has been transformed. The Labor Party elites no longer talk about fairness but are instead obsessed with identity politics and censorship.

Mark Latham says “The Be Nice Brigade” has had its chance to solve Islamic terrorism and they’ve failed. He describes the first part of his eight point policy to prevent terrorism.

The second part of Mark Latham’s plan to prevent terrorism includes massive emphasis on integrating immigrants, strong leadership to modernise Islam, and to defend Western culture. He also wants a travel ban from known high risk countries and a policy of non-intervention in foreign domestic conflicts.

According to Mark Latham we should abolish Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act (and the Human Rights Commission). It’s not there just to stop outrageous public acts of bigotry. What it really does is drag popular newspaper columnists before the courts, persecutes cartoonists to an early grave, and harasses innocent university students with a process that becomes the punishment.

Penny Wong says separation of church and state means there’s no place for religious convictions in politics and public debate. Mark Latham says she’s a hypocrite because she only objects when it affects her campaign while ignoring the Sharia segregation of Muslim women at a pubic swimming pool.

Mark Latham says that people with a religious faith and the churches should be more vocal in putting their point of view.

The first thing Mark Latham would do to fix the ABC is abolish SBS. Although there’s room for a national broadcaster, you shouldn’t have to be related to Barry Cassidy or Tony Jones to get a job there. Mark says it should be democratised and harness technology to become more of a community forum, giving air time to the most popular commentary and opinion.

In the audience was Stuart Ballantyne whose letter to the Qantas board inspired Margaret Court to write her letter to the editor. He thinks the ABC is beyond repair and needs to be sold to solve the editorial problem as well as some national debt.

Church And State with Dave Pellowe’s first live audience included an extended time for Q&A. Some very intelligent and interesting questions and comments from an audience with diverse worldviews made it a great evening for all who attended, whether or not we all agreed in the end.

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