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A Free Event for Christians Wanting Better Government

As we approach the NSW state election in March, join us for Church And State Moree: an afternoon and evening of Biblical teaching and analysis on the relationship between Christians & government, and how we as believers can practically be salt which flavours & light which shines in the public square.

Following the huge success of the fifth annual Church And State Summit (February 2022) this unique conference will include special presentations from Kurt Mahlburg, James Macpherson, Nikki Aben and Dave Pellowe, as well as time for Q&A and conversation over dinner.


” The Lord was amazed to see no one intervened…”


Many Scriptures like this in Isaiah 59:14-16 reveal the Church should not be apolitical (not interested or involved in politics). But what more does the Bible say about God’s people and politics, or the important public issues our communities are facing?

There is a pressing need for sound teaching on Biblical doctrines of government, church and family (specifically in relation to each other). Church And State is encouraging Christians in every electorate to carefully steward political influence as Jesus would in our place – without blind loyalty to any politician or party.

Motivated by a sincere love for our 26 million neighbours (Australia) and God’s concern for justice in the land, this ministry is encouraging Christians to use God’s Word to guide their votes & political engagement, instead of the TV, internet or partisan agendas.

Event Details

  • When: 1-9pm Saturday, 20 August 2022
  • Where: Baptist Church Hall, 409 Chester Street, MOREE, NSW
  • Dinner: A light meal is included between the afternoon and evening session.
  • Cost: FREE. Opportunity to help cover costs and further support the ministry of Church And State at time of registering will also be available, as well as some relevant add-on resources.


James Macpherson is a sought after speaker and writes daily on culture and society at The James Macpherson Report. Before entering ministry, James worked as a journalist for News Limited writing for Brisbane’s Courier-Mail and Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. He still writes opinion pieces for The Australian newspaper, The Good Sauce and The Spectator. He is a Vice President of the largest Pentecostal training college in Australia, and prior to that led Calvary Christian Church across nine campuses in Australia and South Africa.

Kurt Mahlburg is a writer on culture and the Christian faith. He has a passion for both the philosophical and the personal, drawing on his background as a graduate architect, a primary school teacher, a missionary, and a young adults pastor. He’s the Research and Features Editor at the Canberra Declaration. Kurt is fluent in several South-East Asian languages, and has degrees in Design, Education and Divinity. Kurt is the author of Cross and Culture: Can Jesus Save the West? (2020).

Nikki Aben is the NSW and ACT Coordinator for the Australian Christian Lobby. She works to mobilise Christians to be active in the public space and increase community awareness about important issues. Nikki previously worked in pastoral ministry with a major focus with youth and young adults. She lived in the Solomon Islands as a missionary for a year to help build the church, kindergarten and help teach Bible to young people from streets. She has a Bachelor of Theology from Morling College.

Dave Pellowe specialises in Christian voter education as the convenor of the annual Church And State Summit and publisher of the right-thinking political blog, The Good Sauce. His own articles have also been published in The Spectator, Quadrant Online, Caldron Pool & Eternity News. His latest initiative is Locke Press, a book publishing brand to help conservative and Christian authors self-publish for a greater share of profits from their hard work.


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