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Friday, 26 February 2021

Christianity is True

Answers to the three most important categories of questions about Christianity

12:30pm – Humanity: Do you bear God’s fingerprints? – Dan Paterson
That we even know there is such a thing as morality not only separates us from aniamals, but is evidence of God. What are the moral arguments and are they persuasive evidence that God is real and, importantly, good?

1:30pm – Nature: Has Science Buried God? – Jordan Thyer (live via video from Perth)
It’s a false claim that you can have confidence in science or faith but not both. There is so much about this world which science cannot explain or prove and which only the One True God can help us understand. Far from killing God, science needs God to have any meaning or reliability at all.

2:15pm – coffee/tea break

3:00pm – Scripture: Does the Bible give us reasons to believe? – Dan Paterson
The academic evidence for Scriptural authenticity and reliability is overwhleming, but can we know the deliberate teaching contained in Scripture true? If so, it is yet more irrefutable evidence of the Creator God revealed in that Bible.

4:00pm – Q&A PanelDan Paterson, Jordan Thyer
Three apologetics sessions just aren’t enough depth. Our experts team up to handle specific questions from the Brisbane and Hobart venues.

5:30pm – dinner break
More information on local restaurants? Click here for Brisbane and here for Hobart.

Christianity is Good

How does Christianity historically compare to other socially-foundational ideologies?

7:00pm – Christians Belong in the Public SquareSenator Matt Canavan
Our democracy is pluralistic, liberal and inclusive. That is an invitation for all – including Christians – to bring the best of ourselves, our values and ideas to debates about important public issues.

7:20pm – Christianity in World HistoryCardinal George Pell (live via video from Rome)
If Christianity is a good foundation for a flourishing society, let us compare all the philosophies and worldviews which have been tried. Even without a personal faith in and religious devotion to Jesus Christ, Christianity is self-evidently the best paradigm for public policy in human history.

8:00pm – Christianity in Australian History – Karl Faase
The Christian Church has had a significant influence on the culture of Australia. Karl Faase will spend 2021 filming a new series called, “Faith Runs Deep” documenting this reality, and Church And State attendees will hear the latest research and inspiring history before filming even commences!

8:45pm – Confident in Christ, Courageous in Culture – Dave Pellowe
Knowing Christianity is intellectually sound and historically proven, shall we not participate in important public debates “unashamed of the Gospel”? How then shall we steward the democratic invitation & liberal opportunity to influence this and future governments & culture?

9:30pm – Friday end

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Christianity is Good Public Policy

9:00am – Envisioning Legislative Reform in a Child-Centric Paradigm – Wendy Francis
Australia is experiencing what many see as disastrous results of adult-centric policies. Close to half of Australian children under the age of 13 suffer some form of family fragmentation with an increasing number of children being starved of maternal or paternal love, robbed of stability, intentionally created to be motherless and fatherless, sex-selected, manufactured, shuffled here and there. How can our legislators promote good public policy to support parenthood and families? Is there something to learn from nations such as Poland and Hungary?

9:50am – Following God’s lead – even when it doesn’t immediately seem to make sense  – Angela Forker (live via video from Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA)
Angela’s testimony is about how God can use whatever talents we bring to His Kingdom in the most surprising way before we even have the complete picture. From an unassuming pastor’s wife to a globally-celebrated photographer, her role as salt & light in culture is beyond human strategy. You will be moved with compassion by her story and the stories of the lives her photography blesses. Angela’s testimony will encourage & inspire you to trust the Kings of Kings with His plan for your life & purpose in His bigger picture.

10:35am – Morning Tea

11:15am – Critical Race Theory – Dr Stephen Chavura
What fellowship does Christianity and the Kingdom of God have with “Critical Race Theory”? To answer this question, first we must understand both the Kingdom kind of justice and the well-documented history & claims of Critical Theory.

12:15pm – Help: My Church Is Embracing False Teaching! – Rev David Ould
Wisdom and practical guidance on how we ought to respond if our congregation or denomination leadership slips into false teaching and “winds of doctrine”.

1:00pm – Lunch Break
More information on local restaurants? Click here for Brisbane and here for Hobart.

2:30pm – Living in the Legislative Cross-hairs: When law turns against Christianity – Martyn Iles
Law and legislation set a standard of right and wrong. So, what happens when the State legislates that wrong is right and right is wrong? Those who seek to live by a different standard will be living in the legislative crosshairs. Christians are contending with this emerging problem in modern Australia – what should we do?

3:30pm – HOT TOPICS! – Interactive Panel Debate
Can a culturally-Christian policy platform win an election? Can the major parties ever be reformed? Can any minor party achieve enough influence? Can new media disrupt & disarm compromised corporate media? Panelists include George Christensen MP, Martyn Iles, David Goodwin & Dave Pellowe.

5:30pm – summit conclusion

Please note the program details may change without notice as new speakers are confirmed in order to make sure the Summit is jam-packed full of useful content which can be practically applied in the real world, school, work or online.

Bindi Cole Chocka
Senator Eric Abetz
Dr Michael Brown
Prof Margaret Somerville
Dave Hodgson
Dr Alex Deagon
Prof Paul Moon
Ian Shelton
Rev Dr Mark Robinson MP
James Macpherson

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