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Saturday, 26 February 2022


Political Revolution – George Christensen MP
Everything is changing. Politics as we once knew it is broken, and if we don’t adapt, we won’t be relevant. After four terms in the federal parliament, George Christensen has a qualified, insider’s perspective very few in Australia can claim to equal. As a statesman of unwavering conviction, he has seen many enter Canberra with grand intentions only to become compromised by the political realities. As the political landscape revolves, what do we need to understand if we want to be effective voices in our democracy?

A Christian Response to Covid – Kurt Mahlburg
In early 2020, rumours of a novel virus sent our world into a tailspin. The response of Western governments was surprisingly heavy-handed. Many restrictions and mandates remain today, along with human costs we may not count for years to come. These events raise many questions for followers of Jesus. How should the Church react in a time of unparalleled fear? What is a Christian response to fake news and misinformation? Is conscience sacred or should it be bound to the ‘greater good’? Is godly civil disobedience a biblical category?

Political Theology – Dr Jonathan Cole
Read the Scriptures with fresh eyes and deepened enthusiasm as Jonathan walks us through how much of the Bible is overtly political and speaks vividly to the old and new issues being debated in the public square. This Good News really is for everyone. It’s not instead of the Gospel – it’s inseparable from the Gospel!

Real Justice for Indigenous Australians – Dr Anthony Dillon
There is tremendous good will from non-Aboriginal Australians towards their Aboriginal brothers and sisters. However, there seems to be competing priorities about how best to help Aboriginal people. Should we change the flag; get a voice to parliament, get kids into school? These are just some of the ideas bandied about. Anthony will offer his opinion on what is the best way to practically love the Aboriginal people amongst our neighbours.

11:30am – Fellowship Lunch
All ticket prices include full catering.


Politics and PastoringPs Daniel Hagen
Daniel Hagen is pastor of a multi-campus church experiencing exciting growth & blessing. He’ll be sharing from his perspective as a minister of the Gospel that leaders can’t be afraid to speak about issues of the day as they preach the Gospel. If we care about people we can’t ignore the political realm and the issues of the day. The enemy is really trying to silence the Church and its message of righteousness. Let’s believe this country can turn their hearts back toward fearing God!

Prepared to Give An Answer for Our Hope – Dr Frank Turek
Frank Turek is an internationally renowned Christian apologist, an American nationally-syndicated radio host, and a highly sought after speaker. He will be participating via video from the USA to answer your live questions and teach more about defending the very intelligent faith Christianity uniquely offers a lost and hope-less world.

Citipointe Christian School: When the Tigers Broke Free  – John Steenhof
A dissection of the recent Citipointe enrollment contract drama, and its far reaching implications for Church and State relations in an increasingly anti-Christian Australian culture. In 2017 the Liberal/National government promised specific legislation to protect freedom of religion while flatly rejecting every single amendment proposed to the undefinition of marriage. What are the prospects of meaningful equality for all Australians to freely express sincerely held convictions?

3:00pm – Afternoon Tea
All ticket prices include full catering.


Panel: Promoting Palliative Care – Dr Anthony Herbert, Kerri-Anne Dooley, Anna Ward
Is more government the solution to every single social need? Do most people really want to end their lives, or just their suffering? The Church can help reduce the demand for extreme solutions by promoting and supporting far better solutions, as well as dispelling popular myths and fictions around the emotive topic.

Changing Australia – Mark McCrindle
How is Australia changing – the demographic, generational, social, cultural & philosophical shifting? Our religious identity, national identity and political engagement is changing, but what is it changing to – and can we change Australia’s changing? Where is Australia headed, and how do these changing times impact the Church?

Defending ConscienceRev Matthew Littlefield & Ps Tim Grant
For many centuries Baptists reminded the Church that defending conscience and defying tyranny in coercive eras was imperative. Why is this so important? Why is it vital for this message to be proclaimed far and wide, and why it is important to remember this orthodox teaching? The whole Church came to believe in the sacredness of liberty of conscience eventually. Remembering our Church history can help us ensure liberty is defended again in trying times. Conscience is the sole jurisdiction of the King of Kings, not of any earthly man.

5:30pm – Fellowship Dinner
All ticket prices include full catering.


Political WorshipKyle Barnard, Nathan Fawcett & worship team, and the people of God
This session is rich in teaching content! We will worship the highest authority in Australia, the King of Kings, and exalt Him over every power and principality, fear and circumstance. Exercising our faith together we will praise His goodness and prophesy His blessings & revival over our nation, calling into being those things that are not.

Give Us a King – Dave Pellowe
“For such a time as this…” What is the message that Christians & churches should be preaching in these times of extreme public focus on Covid, to the detriment of all other social experiences? What was going on before 2020 which made populations ready to place immense faith in government? Will any of the struggles for political justice & social liberty change anything, or are we rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship? Does the Church have the answer?

Understanding Statism – Dr Stephen Chavura
Statism is the philosophy and practice of looking to the state as the most effective way to solve our social problems and improve our lives. It has been a profoundly influential philosophy over the past 100 years. But is it the best approach to social well-being? The Twentieth Century showed how dangerous modern states can become, with hundreds of millions dying because of malevolent and failed visions of states. More recently our states have taken advantage of technology and emergency powers to shut down whole economies, track citizens, force vaccinations, keep children out of school, and encourage citizens to inform on one another. This talk explains the nature and appeal of statism and shows why it is both misguided in practice and unbiblical in principle. An alternative vision of civil society is offered.

Living in Babylon – Martyn Iles
Martyn Iles may be the most effective communicator of the Gospel in Australia this decade. In the most hostile of media environments and on the most controversial of topics he maintains the primacy of the Gospel, clearly articulating the universal need for repentance and the Good News of salvation for all who call on the Name of Jesus. And the fruit of salvation follows his very political preaching! Many people testify of easier conversations with family & friends whose hearts have been softened by the uncompromising love demonstrated when Martyn communicates both God’s good design and demands, as well as His love & extravagant mercy. How to preach the Kingdom of God, the Gospel and revival in as unwelcoming a political context as Babylon is something every believer should understand.

9.30ish – Summit Conclusion


Please note the program details may change without notice as new speakers are confirmed in order to make sure the Summit is jam-packed full of useful content which can be practically applied in the real world, school, work or online.

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