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Friday, 8 March 2024


Neo-paganism – the pseudo religion of secularismBob McCoskrie
There’s a new cultural religion taking over the West, a new false god. Bob will show how LGBT+ activists, gender theory, critical theory, climate alarmism etc operate like a religion, and examines the impact on society especially children. How can we push back? Is there any reason to hope for reformation?

How cultural Marxism is destroying education and what must be doneDr Kevin Donnelly
Parents are their children’s primary educators and moral and spiritual guardians, but the school curriculum is now awash with radical, cultural-left ideology. Whether imposing gender and sexual fluidity, cancelling Western civilisation or airbrushing Christianity, students are being indoctrinated by Orwellian inculcation and groupthink. It’s time to light small fires!

Redeeming the Australian National CurriculumKenneth Crowther
The required Australian National Curriculum is sometimes decried as an obstacle to an education in virtue and wisdom, yet its design allows significant scope to make choices that are appropriate to their context. When approached from a classical educational philosophy informed by the Liberal Arts, it is possible to introduce students to the best that has been thought and said, instilling a love of truth, beauty, and goodness – all within bounds.

Panel: Christian home education – Natacha Figueiredo, Rachel Read and Dr Terry Harding
How can parents take an active leadership role in educating their children? Whether in the public system, a Christian school or home education, this session will inspire, encourage and equip you to be part of taking our children back from the government, and sending them into the future as God mandated only parents to do.

2:45pm – Afternoon Tea
All ticket prices include full catering.


Global briefing on prostitution laws – Amanda Brohier
Some Australian governments are proposing to completely decriminalise prostitution. International case studies in both full decriminalisation (being proposed in Queensland) and the Equality Model (being proposed in South Australia) illuminate a better way forward for Australian states considering law reform in this area.

Australian briefing on prostitution activism – Wendy Francis
Gain precious insights into the history and current agendas of activism in the area of prostitution law reform. What ground has been gained or lost in various states, and what cause for optimism or concern is on the horizon in your state?

Case study: Queensland – Rob Norman
Each of us can imagine how we would write laws if given the chance, but politics is often called “the art of the possible”. Idealism founded in good intentions often results in the worst possible outcomes, when a willingness to take incremental steps to improving justice outcomes could have saved a lot of suffering.

Who are the women we’re talking about? – Letitia Shelton
The majority of prostituted people are not there willingly or because they enjoy it. So how do we, firstly, see these people with the empathy and mercy Jesus showed everyone?

Coming Home Project – Rebecca Fischer
How do we think beyond legislative reform to effective ways we can love and support prostitution survivors with what’s in everyone’s hand?

PANEL: Prostitution Reform Amanda Brohier, Wendy Francis, Rob Norman, Letitia Shelton, Rebecca Fischer & Christopher Brohier
After a fast-paced set of presentations above, the speakers gather to discuss further, expand on important points and answer your questions.

5:30pm – Fellowship Dinner
All ticket prices include full catering.


WorshipGold Coast Chapel worship team
We begin Friday night with half an hour of lifting our voices united in worship of the King of Kings and Almighty God, Jesus Christ.

Woke winds of doctrine – Fr Calvin Robinson
LIVE VIA VIDEO FROM LONDON – Jeremiah speaks of shepherds who are stupid, who have not sought the Lord’s advice. Instead of protecting, they cause God’s people to be destroyed. Zechariah speaks of shepherds who are foolish and worthless, who don’t seek the lost or heal the hurting. Ezekiel speaks of God’s judgement against the false shepherds who let His sheep become prey and starved of food. This is a warning to some Bishops and other Christian leaders to repent of conforming to this world.

Chasing Tinkerbell – Rescuing our daughters from NeverlandCindy McGarvie
It was an idea implemented as early as the Russian Revolution of 1917: demolish the traditional family so women could be “free” from the roles of monogamous wife, mother and homemaker and instead put women to work in factories – to make women “equal” to men and boost the economy. In this modern age with unsustainable population growth, exploding female fertility problems and epidemic teen girl mental health crises, could there be a better way to be raising our daughters than careerism?

Only reformation will save Australia from politicians – Dave Pellowe
There are many theories of which political strategies or solutions will fix the political problems of this Century like assaults on basic liberties, the weaponisation of legal systems and increasing social divisions. But if parliaments generally reflect the voters, the long term solution is as obvious as the 60s culture revolution. This is a call for the People of God to be part of the solution to a relativist culture and return to sound doctrine and Biblical authority.

9pm – Day One Conclusion

Saturday, 9 March 2023


“Humbly relying on Almighty God” – Senator Ralph Babet
In an age where we have grown comfortable with relative freedom and the trustworthiness of governments since Federation, have too many of us started to confuse the ordained bounds of civil authorities with devotion normally reserved for God?

What I witnessed on duty in Gaza – Avi Yemeni
Avi is perhaps the best well-known independent reporter in Australia, but what led to his career change from successful small business owner to currently leading Rebel News in Australia? Serving on the ground with the IDF in the Gaza Strip prior to Israel’s complete withdrawal in 2005, what the Lying Harlot Media reported was vastly different to what he personally witnessed.

The bell is tolling for Israel – Suzie Smeed
Zsuzsanna Kalmar was just two years old when Nazis invaded hungary in March 1944. Winston Churchill described what followed as “the greatest, most horrible crime ever committed in the history of the world”. She and her mother escaped from the ghetto, but her grandparetns were murdered at Auschwitz. Now called Suzie, she argues the Holocaust did not start with murders, but words. A new generation has forgotten or denies the evil, and unless these stories are told, the horror really could happen again.

“Never Again” is now!Rev Mark Leach
One lone man draped in the flag of Israel stood and faced the pro-Hamas mob baying to “Kill the Jews” on the steps of the Cathedral in Sydney, just two days after the Hamas terrorists and Gazan civillians invaded Israel and committed unspeakable acts of sexual violence and butchery against everyone they could find, from cradles to rocking chairs. Hear why this Jewish believer in Jesus the Messiah made that stand.

11am – Fellowship Lunch
All ticket prices include full catering.


Three progressive idols destroy civilisation – Dr Terry Harding
Since ancient times every great civilisation has been destroyed by the ascendancy of first Baal (rejecting the One True God), Ishtar (sexualisation of culture) & Moloch (child sacrifice). Learn how an awake Church can apply understanding to how we raise and educate our children and overlay these ancient idolatries on our culture’s proud rebellion against Almighty God.

Searching for common ground with secularists – Dr John Fleming
The universality and commonality of agreed moral values provide ever-present possibilities for dialogue between Christians and secularists. And since moral values have a transcendent quality, a quality fundamental to the human experience, atheism becomes the least credible explanation for the way things are. There is hope in the battle for the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens.

The challenge of being a Christian in Australia – Michelle Pearse
There have been periods of great persecution for Christians throughout history, followed by periods of relative peace. Compared to other nations and times, the hostility in Australia is minimal – but rising. There are two tales of Christians in history: one of those who compromised and the seed of the Word died with them, and one of those who stood firm in the face of persecution, laid down their lives, and the seed multiplied. How do we stand firm, fix our hope on Him and trust that He multiplies the seed?

The Unlucky CountryProfessor Augusto Zimmermann, Professor James Allan, Graham Young
This panel of distinguished law professors and the director of the Australian Institute for Progress will discuss the attack on free speech, the “wokeing” of Australia’s political class and judiciary, the undermining of the rule of law, the erosion of academic freedom and the nearly complete infiltration of universities, and will examine the reasons for hope we have in reclaiming a once “Lucky Country”.

3:00pm – Afternoon Tea
All ticket prices include full catering.


Politics WorkshopDr Mark Robinson MP, Barclay McGain, Topher Field & George Christensen
Political Effectivism 101: how do you join a political party and contribute positively, how do you run for political office, how do you effectively write to a pollie, how do you create a petition and which platforms are more effective? These questions as well as consumer boycotts, political interest groups, resisting injustice, peaceable protest and praying for governments will all (try to) be covered in the super practical final discussion.

Word magic, ratchets, crybullies and deportment: a Christian field guide for public engagementJohn Steenhoff
Jesus calls on his followers to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. This message is timely for Christians seeking to navigate a hostile public square. Drawing on real religious freedom court cases, John Steenhof will speak about some of the practical tips for Christians to engage faithfully and wisely in an increasingly anti-Christian culture.

What St Paul has to say to the pagan WestDr Stephen Chavura
When the Apostle Paul had opportunity to preach to the ancient Greek culture and religion on Mars Hill, the Areopagus, he didn’t attempt political correctness or mixing religions. He preached the unadultered, Christian Gospel. If he was speaking to Australia today, what would that same preaching say?

5:30pm – Summit Conclusion
The following event is a fundraising dinner for the Church And State ministry. Tickets are only available to existing or new monthly partners and are sold as an optional extra or in a bundle. Become a Sender now.

The Senders’ Dinner


At the conclusion of the Church And State Summit sessions, Senders’ Dinner ticket holders, speakers and major sponsors are invited join us in the atrium for a cocktail reception in the Atrium.


Join the Summit’s speakers for a grand dinner and help send Church And State around Australia and the internet for another year. While a small army of volunteers converts the auditorium to a charming dining hall, you’ll be entertained by a delightful string quartet. The first course of appetisers and drinks will be served here before you take your seats for entrees back in the main hall.

“OFF THE RECORD” – a private conversation with Senator Ralph Babet
These conversations are a delightfully frank insight into politics in Australia, parties and parliaments. They are not recorded, will not be published, and are entirely off the record meaning nothing may be recorded, referenced, quoted or attributed. Some past Senders’ Dinner guests have commented that the resulting conversation was the best presentation they heard for the whole weekend!

Please note the program details may change without notice as new speakers are confirmed in order to make sure the Summit is jam-packed full of useful content which can be practically applied in the real world, school, work or online.

Every year the Australian Church And State Summit maintains lowest possible ticket prices and higher quality experiences thanks in no small part to some generous sponsors as well as many generous donations from attendees who can afford to sow into this ministry. Thank you all.

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