Mark McCrindle
Martyn Iles
Dr Frank Turek
George Christensen MP
Stephen Chavura
Dr Anthony Dillon
Kurt Mahlburg
Kerri-Anne Dooley
Dr Anthony Herbert
John Steenhoff

The 2022 Church And State Summit (CAS22) is going to be very different from last year and, we pray, much better. We announced plans to hire a large conference centre this year and bring an international worship artist to tour, but due to the agility that the 20s have demanded from us all, we are advancing in a different direction.

This year Harvest Point Church is inviting everyone to their large place of worship (full capacity allowed without segregation – everyone is welcome). Instead of closer to the city, we will journey into the desert to worship our God: Beaudesert to be precise! It’s only 30 minutes or so away from previous years’ host churches.

Another new aspect is we will be having all sessions in one day instead of spreading them over two. Last year we had 14 sessions over two days, and this year we will have another 14 sessions in one day! Starting at 9am sharp, the radically honest George Christensen MP speaks first on the Political Revolution we find ourselves living in, and ending with ACL’s Martyn Iles, the program is jam packed with excellent speakers and topics.

Everything has been taken care of for you this year. CAS22 will have multiple opportunities to relax and fellowship with each other at length in the dining hall or on the church’s sprawling, grassy grounds. All meals, drinks and snacks are included in every ticket, and the modest price increases are much less than the cost of the professional catering.

I loved the fact that so many excellent speakers were gathered together in the one place to listen to. Exceptional value!


  • Catered meals are included in every ticket.
  • Videos are not included in admission price but are available as an optional extra or for those who can’t make it. Includes all sessions. Estimated download availability by 28 March.
  • Optional opportunities to sow further into the mission of Church And State Ministries will be provided during some sessions and are entirely voluntary. EFTPOS available.
  • There is no child minding. Children under 13 who do not take up a seat are free, or otherwise require a concession ticket.
  • Evidence of concession eligibility will be required with your ticket at the Summit.
  • Refunds will be available if you simply change your mind only until 5pm Thursday the week prior. After that we commit to many costs on your behalf and tickets are not eligible for a refund. If you are unable to attend and are not eligible for a refund we will at least provide all videos of the sessions you missed. You may let someone else attend using your ticket.
  • Tickets will be available at the door if not sold out prior.
  • The final session is free if there are any spare seats.

I liked hearing practical information to equip Christians to keep being salt and light in a changing world.

Got another question? Let us know & we’ll answer it ASAP for everyone.

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