We need God for spiritual, cultural & political reformation!

I loved the fact that so many excellent speakers were gathered together in the one place to listen to. Exceptional value!

I liked hearing practical information to equip Christians to keep being salt and light in a changing world.

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“Wake Up Sleeper” Qld State Election Briefing

From Currumbin to Cairns, CAS+ACL are partnering to bring Christian teaching about Salt & Light in politics and the important public issues to dozens of Queensland electorates before the state election.

CAS Perth

Friday & Saturday, 9th & 10th August, 2024

CAS Canberra

Friday & Saturday, 30th & 31st August, 2024

CAS Adelaide

Friday & Saturday, 18th & 19th October, 2024


Friday & Saturday, 7th & 8th March, 2025

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

President John Adams

This Church And State conference is made possible and more affordable than comparable conferences thanks to the generous donors who give a little or a lot extra when they buy their ticket, faithful monthly Senders, and especially these major sponsors. Please support them too!

NON partisan, full-service professional associations saving you HEAPS!
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The Triple Conference, Albury

15-17 March, 2024

CAS Summit 2024

8-9 March, 2024

Colloquium: Israel & Antisemitism

26 November, 2023

CAS Adelaide

6-7 October, 2023

Big Ideas, “Who is Almighty God?”

11 August, 2023

CAS Perth

4-5 August, 2023

CAS Summit 2023

3-4 March 2023

CAS Coffs Harbour

11 February, 2023

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