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George Christensen, Christopher Brohier, Matthew Littlefield, Dylan Oakley
and Dave Pellowe!

The Church And State Conference is coming to St George, Friday night and all day Saturday, 21 & 22 June 2024! This ministry has been arming Christians to influence culture since 2018 with first class speakers from around Australia and overseas.

This unique conference will include sermons, political briefings, time for Q&A / panels and extended fellowship between the Church of the city over wonderfully catered breaks on Saturday.


” The Lord was amazed to see no one intervened…”


Many Scriptures like this in Isaiah 59:14-16 reveal the Church should not be apolitical (not interested or involved in politics). But what more does the Bible say about God’s people and politics, or the important public issues our communities are facing?

There is a pressing need for sound teaching on Biblical doctrines of government, church and family. Church And State is encouraging Christians in every electorate to abandon blind political loyalties and instead carefully steward the gifts of democracy as Jesus would in our place.

Event Details

  • When: 7-9pm Friday 21st, and 9:30am-5:30pm Saturday, 22 June 2024
  • Where: Kings Church, St George, Queensland
  • Catering: Catering is provided for lunch and afternoon tea Saturday. There is no catering for the Friday night session.
  • Further opportunity to help cover costs and support the ministry of Church And State at time of registering and during the conference will also be available



Friday night (7-9pm) is a dynamic introduction to the historic mission and imperative of the Church in culture with a particularly evangelical message for a world that’s lost and blind without Christ.

  • Worship (from 6:30pm)
  • Dave Pellowe – Understanding the Separation of Church and State
  • Dylan Oakley – Winning Souls in 2024 with the Uncompromised Gospel
  • PANEL / Q&A: All conference speakers

Saturday (9:30am-5pm) includes speeches and sermons from Queensland and other Australian Christian speakers and topic experts.

  • George Christensen – Politics, Culture & Civilisation: the Problem
  • Ps Matthew Littlefield – The Gospel Has Many Political Implications
  • Christopher Brohier – Turning the (Queensland) Tide, part I

11:30-12:45PM – LUNCH

  • Dylan Oakley – Let No Man Take Your Crown
  • Matthew Littlefield – How Not to Be Like Elijah
  • George Christensen – Politics, Culture & Civilisation: the Solution

2:30-3pm – AFTERNOON TEA

  • Christopher Brohier – Turning the (Queensland) Tide, part II
  • Dave Pellowe – Why Christian Schooling is Controversial in 2024
  • Final PANEL / Q&A

That wraps up the inaugural CAS St George conference, but all are welcome to buy a ticket to the exclusive Senders’ Dinner one hour later at a nearby venue. There you’ll get to dine with all of the CAS Conference speakers and help raise funds to send Church And State further around Australia and the internet.


George Christensen served four terms as the increasingly popular Federal MP for Dawson (Qld). He’s again serving Mackay residents as a local councillor, and also been newspaper publisher and journalist, and now edits one of Australia’s most subscribed daily, political newsletters, Nation First.

He is continuing as a fearless campaigner for real justice and God-given freedoms, against tyranny and globalism, through his work as National Director of CitizenGO.

Christopher Brohier is the South Australia director of ACL, a barrister, and a founder of the Wilberforce Foundation, a think tank which advocates for the preservation of common law rights and freedoms. He successfully represented a street preacher against the City of Launceston in the Federal Court, and was counsel for Reverend Campbell Markham and the Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in the discrimination case they faced in Hobart.

Matthew Littlefield is pastor of New Beith Baptist Church and co-author of “Defending Conscience: How Baptists reminded the Church to defy tyranny“.

He writes prolifically on history, Christian culture and broader society at his website Young Gospel Minister, and is also regularly published on The Good Sauce, The Spectator and Caldron Pool.

Dylan Oakley has a fire for evangelism and God’s Kingdom in his belly. He is a preacher who is learned in the Word, gifted in preaching and skilled in applying eternal Truth to the modern world.

Dylan had a long career as a professional high school teacher where, even then, he was a courageous witness to students and faculty for the Gospel and Kingdom of Christ. He’s an uncompromising witness and prophetic voice in many political rallies as a speaker and relationally.

Dave Pellowe founded Church And State Ministries in 2016 to help solve the teaching gap in many Christians about the Biblical basis for faithfully stewarding the gifts of a liberal democracy. Dave produces and presents The Church And State Show weekly on The Good Sauce and ADH TV. Dave also convenes the annual Australian Church And State Summit in Brisbane and intervening conferences around Australia.

Dylan Oakley
Christopher Brohier
George Christensen
Matthew Littlefield
Dave Pellowe

This Church And State conference is made possible and more affordable than comparable conferences thanks to the generous donors who give a little or a lot extra when they buy their ticket, faithful monthly Senders, and especially these major sponsors. Please support them too!

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