Michael Lorimer has extensive involvement in the development of superannuation legislation and policy and has built solid relationships with the Federal Government and its agencies in his capacity as a founding director of the national Self-managed Independent Superannuation Funds Association (SISFA). He is highly experienced in superannuation and has more than 25 years experience in the financial services industry. Michael is the author of numerous superannuation technical papers, has prepared a significant number of submissions to Federal Government and made regular appearances at hearings on superannuation matters with considerable success.

Watch this interview with special guest Michael Lorimer on Superannuation Policy one segment at a time below.

Michael Lorimer offers expert commentary and opinion, simplifying the complex issue of superannuation policy.

In world news today superannuation is not as stable as certain as it was in the Hawke, Keating & Howard years. There’s a lot of confusion and many Australians put it in the “too hard” basket.

The worst thing any government can do is create uncertainty in the news today about superannuation in the future. If a rule change is brought in, especially if it is retrospective, it doesn’t matter if it targets a tiny number of people, as general opinion will simply feel investment in superannuation is too risky and speculative, and future changes may affect them unpredictably.

What was announced in the last two budgets regarding superannuation which did not go ahead, and what snuck under your radar? Economies are complex, and even a simple change designed to affect “somebody else” affects everybody, usually the poor and vulnerable most of all.

Politicians love to talk about “housing affordability”, but the political reality is making housing cheaper makes more voters cranky (home owners) than happy (young first home buyers). Giving people more money to spend makes real estate more expensive, not less, but makes everyone feel better, which is better for political elections.

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