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Church And State (CAS) events would not be what they are today without the enormous generosity and growing number of our dedicated volunteers. Our team experience the event from behind the scenes and fill a wide variety of important roles to support the mission of arming Christians to influence culture.

The annual Australian Summit is held in Brisbane in early March, and other conferences are held in various cities and regions as invited.

CAS volunteers are not just stacking chairs then socialising with celebrities. We recognise the enormous importance of everyone in our team and the critical roles they each perform to ensure success of the ministry and the enjoyment of our guests.

And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded.

Every volunteer makes a commitment to be available at personal cost, and to prioritise faithful service at the expense of just relaxing in breaks with  other attendees. At every event the team is nothing short of amazing – doing their primary tasks, then looking for extra ways to help; while having fun, socialising and enjoying the event.

Successful applicants will be given tickets discounted to the cost of catering, and are also asked to order their own volunteer t-shirt at cost price (black).

No prior experience is needed, but the following questions will help us consider how you can best serve without asking too much of you. We are grateful to have more interest than opportunity for everyone who applies, and so are able to have more focussed, less exhausted team members, helping you enjoy the event too!

Thank you for applying!

If possible, it is wise to let your church know ASAP that you also won’t be available for rostering the day after the event. This is to make sure you don’t overdo it in one weekend.

For Summit volunteers (Brisbane, 8-9 March 2024), please save the evening of Australia Day (26 January) for a big team & families BBQ & briefing. Details closer to the event…

If you’re not invited to join the team immediately, we will gratefully save your application for future consideration. Please feel free to apply again next year in the chance there’s a change in your or our circumstances.

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